Helping Clients MONETIZE Their Digital Assets
Through COST EFFECTIVE Management and Delivery.

MEA Digital Distribution (MDD) is a digital media distribution and marketing service that provides a variety of support services to client wishing to Monetize their Digital Assets.. MDD provides distribution, delivery platforms & channels, customized marketing, promotion, and administrative support to help maximize the earnings potential of specific Digital Releases and Digital Catalogs.

At the heart of MDD is a proprietary, end-to-end digital asset management process that streamlines many distribution and administration functions. This is combined with our ability to create Custom Technology, Delivery Platforms, Delivery Channels, Web & Mobile Apps, and Content Marketing to provide comprehensive support for the delivery of media rich content to digital devices.

Some of Our Solutions Include:

  • Interactive Gaming
  • Digital Streaming
  • Live Digital Programming
  • Music Distribution
  • Enhanced Interactive Audio Books


About Us

We are digital business strategists and innovators specializing in the design, development, and marketing of online businesses and applications. We power business passion through innovative digital growth strategies, technology transformation and engaging online marketing initiatives. Our experience is hard-won – in the trenches, on the ground, working diligently to learn and grow. This experience can help us guide your organization through the complex strategic and operational dynamics of the online world.


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