Video Marketing

4 Tips to Utilize Video Marketing Effectively

A recent article, How to Effectively Use Video Marketing by Kaitlyn Hammond says that today, modern, content-driven digital marketing are far more effective than traditional and one-type-fits-all marketing, such as billboards and advertising. Video marketing has appeared as the clear winner for both (B2B) business-to-business and (B2C) business-to-consumer companies. It lets brands to attract their customers’ […]

Mobile Device

4 Marketing Tools for Mobile Devices

A recent article, 4 Mobile Marketing Tools for Better Promotion by Susan Gilbert says that you need to connect with your mobile audience in order to maximize your brand promotion. Here are four tools to improve your visibility on social media and to attract more loyal followers.  1. Amplitude (Better understand user behavior) Collect insights […]

Competitor Keywords

Tools and Techniques to Discover Competitor Keywords

A recent article, The 8 Best Tools for Finding Competitor Keywords by Dan Shewan says that competitive keyword analysis is one of the most efficient techniques to compete in a crowded space and get a critical advantage over other businesses in your industry. Here are some tools/techniques you can use to discover competitor keywords. 1. […]

Media Customers

6 Tips to Turn Your Social Media Fans into Customers

A recent article, How to Convert Social Media Followers to Paying Customers says that social media can be a constant source of leads– considering that social sites are free to use and advertising is quite affordable, make the best out of them. Here are some ways that you can use social media to turn your […]

Online Store

3 Tips to Reduce Return Rates of Your Online Sales

A recent article, 3 Ways you can Reduce Return Rates for Your Online Store by Renzo Costarella says that e-commerce is continuously emerging and having a solid return policy is a strong advantage in your online store.  Nevertheless, while a good return policy often suggests free return shipping, this can potentially hurt your bottom line— […]

Customers Online

5 Tips to Find New Customers Online

A recent article, 7 Ideas to Find New Customers Online by Eric Rosenberg believes that new customers are the lifeblood of any business, thus bringing in new customers helps your business thrive and ensures a healthy baseline of revenue. The internet offers access to potential customers, so below are some tips to find new customers […]

Digital Marketing Tools

8 Digital Marketing Tools to Help Your Business Thrive

A recent article, 15 Valuable Digital Marketing Tools to Grow Your Business by Petra Mainer says that your company’s remarkable online presence can give incredible success even without a physical store. Here are some digital marketing tools to boost your online presence and make your products or services excel. Buzzsumo This tool allows you to […]

Small Business

4 Cloud-based Solutions for Your Small Business

A recent article, How to Use Cloud Solutions for Business to Save Time and Money by  Mike Kappel says that cloud solutions can help a small business owner save money, time, effort. As long as you have an internet connection, you can do business from anywhere efficiently. Here are four common cloud solutions that can help […]

Landing Page

4 Basics to Increase the Conversion Rate of Your Landing Page

A recent article, 5 Tips to Improve the Conversion Rate of your Landing Page by Chris Warden says that landing pages are the engine of online advertising, but if your visitors are muddled by the design of your page you’ll have a hard time converting them into customers. Here are four simple ways to increase your […]

3 Ways to Know Your SEO is Doing the Right Thing

A recent article, How Do You Know Your SEO Is Delivering Results? by Stephanie Heitman says that Search Engine Optimization (SEO)  is essential  to direct people to your website organically from the Search Engine Results pages (SERPs). Nevertheless a good SEO strategy doesn’t have to mean first page rankings because that doesn’t take into account the […]