4 Trending Marketing Strategies for Small Businesses

A recent article,
4 Emerging Marketing Trends for Small Businesses by Kristin Pryor says that startups and small businesses oftentimes don’t have a marketing team or don’t have substantial funds to invest in marketing. Regardless, they need to be strategic and creative to stay afloat and competitive in the market.

Here are four emerging marketing strategies to help your small business build a loyal consumer base. Read more

Is Your Industry Safe from Cloud Threats?


A recent article,
Cloud security risks: Is your industry safe? by Conner Forrest says that organizations in different industries ought to protect themselves from the threats that come with cloud computing. This is particularly true when it comes to the security risks and threats posed by enterprise cloud utilizations.
It doesn’t matter what your industry is, from retail, higher education, K-12 education, government, technology, financial services, manufacturing, and healthcare they all share common issues, namely: Read more

3 Steps To Make Your Business Thrive

A recent article, How Technology Can Boost Your Business by James Roberts says that running your own  business can be really hard, particularly on areas of gaining clients and entering new markets in order to boost profitability.  You may have an extremely great idea and you’re doing your job well, but you can’t seem to  translate it into growth. Fortunately, technology can help you boost your productivity.

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How to Optimize Your Website for Social Media Marketing


A Recent article,
3 Ways to Optimize Your Website for Social Media Marketing by AJ Agrawal believes that social media marketing is as important as SEO nowadays; in fact thirty percent of millennials choose to communicate with business through social media. Thus, you have to optimize your website for social media marketing‐‐‐ combine your SEO efforts with your social media (never treat them as two separate things).

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