Advantages of Cloud Computing to Your Small Business

A recent article, How Cloud Computing Can Add to Your Business’s Bottom Line by Matt Mansfield says that small business owners understand that technology is essential to their success and cloud computing is one of the fastest growing technologies among small businesses.  In fact, it’s expected that nearly 78% of small businesses will adopt cloud computing by 2020.

Here are some benefits of cloud computing.  

1. Greater Flexibility

Small businesses can leverage the cloud when they need to without permanent cost increases.

For instance, if your small business required to add new cloud servers to cater an innovative project, it can add these in minutes in the cloud for an increased fee. When the project is done, you can revert to your previous level and fees.  This is basically different from the old days where you need to purchase equipment to handle the extra workloads from a project and, once the project was complete, you were left with a costly paperweight.

2. Enterprise Technologies

Moving to the cloud enables a small business to get their hands on technologies which enable them to compete with bigger companies.

3. Business Intelligence

When it comes to competitive advantage, business intelligence is the most popular. That’s because you can utilize data to better understand your customers and improve better decision making.

4. Increased Security

Working in the cloud is actually safe. This goes a long way when establishing that all important customer trust. Customers won’t do business with you if they don’t trust you and keeping their data secure is an excellent beginning.

5. Better Collaboration

Better communication, maximized employee utilization, and satisfied customers are the many benefits of collaboration. These are considered a competitive advantage, particularly if your competition doesn’t have systems to support the same level of collaboration.

6. More Uptime

The loss to your business can be great both financially and in customer trust if your small business systems crash, but working in the cloud alleviate this problem.

Moving to the cloud provides many advantages, so if you want your small business to stay competitive, you might want to give them serious consideration.