DILIGENT About Business.

A few years ago we stopped chasing dollars and started following our passion. What a difference this has made in our lives and the kinds of projects our company gets involved with. We work with organizations and individuals that have passion for who they are, what they do, how they do it. Whether its widgets or warp drives – if you are turning your passion into profits  – we believe we can help.

We are digital business strategists and innovators. We specialize in the design, development, delivery, and support of online business initiatives and applications. We power business passion through innovative digital growth strategies, technology transformation and engaging online marketing initiatives. Our experience is hard-won – on the ground, in the trenches, working diligently to learn, grow and succeed. This experience can help us guide your organization through the complex strategic and operational dynamics of the online world.

Our team of 65 serves clients on 4 continents from 7 offices in 5 cities.  We work locally, nationally and internationally on a wide range of B2B, B2C projects including Healthcare/Health & Wellness, Retail, Manufacturing, Sports, Personal/Professional Development, Publishing, Entertainment, Investment, Finance, and Technology.

We also work in specialized areas such as Human Rights/Justice, Online Learning, Work/Family Balance, Motivational Solutions, Health and Wellness, and Non-Profit Fundraising and Development.


Our goal is simple: increase productivity, efficiency and revenue for our clients. Whether that is helping make websites look and run better, or developing custom technology to help businesses run more efficiently; we are committed to understanding the needs and delivering strategies that yield measurable results.

Our business philosophy is to L.E.A.D. by putting our clients needs first and then empower the collective talents and skill sets of our team members to meet those needs in the most efficient and cost effective way.

We hear your challenges and analyze your needs – be it a market segment or industry vertical. We then examine old and new ideas with a fresh perspective and give you recommendations you can use.

We don’t just show up, share a few ideas and leave. We walk side by side – helping you identify the needs, explore the opportunities and develop solutions to navigate the complex business terrain.

Once we understand your needs, we map out a recommended solution. Often our recommendations are presented in the form of technical specification documents that let you see every angle of our solution on paper.

We deliver, plain and simple. We leverage a powerful suit of technology tools to deliver powerful solutions that engage your customers and deliver your message in the most cost effective way possible.


Four values drive us forward and help us R.I.S.E. as an organization:

At mea, people are at the core of our endeavors. We enjoy mutual trust and respect among individuals, clients and business partners that make up our history. It’s these relationships that fuel our innovative thinking, heighten productivity and spawn exhilarating products and services that help shape the future.

We measure the value of our services by their ability to improve the life of the user and society. We purpose to make a positive and lasting impact on both society and the business climate. We promote excellent work, quality technological advances, exceptional business standards, and ethical living.

Superior leaders steward their resources and lead by example. As a fast-paced industry leader, mea is dedicated to helping global economy businesses navigate smoothly through the changing landscape of business opportunities. This commitment ranges from investing in developing countries through our offshore offices, to delivering products and solutions that provide better functionality to our clients, so they can better achieve their goals.

Excellence is an attitude that permeates the mea workspace. It’s a pledge to give the best, to reach beyond past achievements, to think beyond preconceptions, and to attempt to deliver beyond what is expected. We create with pride, deeply satisfied in every success on the clients’ behalf.