8 Digital Marketing Tools to Help Your Business Thrive

A recent article, 15 Valuable Digital Marketing Tools to Grow Your Business by Petra Mainer says that your company’s remarkable online presence can give incredible success even without a physical store.

Here are some digital marketing tools to boost your online presence and make your products or services excel.

  1. Buzzsumo

This tool allows you to evaluate the most shared content on any topic. It also allows you to monitor your competitors’ social activity more easily. Thus, this tool helps you to create the right content for your target audience, based on other strong content available. 

  1. Facebook Audience Insights

The biggest social network and also the most effective tool for targeting your market is Facebook.  This tool  provides you relevant information, habits, interests, etc.  about Facebook users.   When you know your customers, you can provide them the products and services they really need.

  1. Google Trends  

This tool helps you determine whether your business idea is outdated, and if there are a lot of similar offers which may hinder your success.  It shows you the latest trends in any area you’re interested in and you’ll instantly determine how much online buzz there is about your topic.

  1. CoSchedule headline analyzer

Your brand name, campaign slogan, content titles, etc. are designed to attract customers. This tool helps you to create more compelling headlines which invite readers and cause them to click for more information.

  1. WebpageFX’s readability tool

This tool helps you tweak your texts to the required level of your readers. It makes your text clear and understandable for your target audience.

  1. PushCrew

This tool lets you send push notifications to your customers, even when they’re not currently on your website. This is a great way to tell people about your new offers.

  1. SERPs Rank Checker

The tool reviews your website’s keyword ranks in Google.  Thus, you can evaluate the efficiency of your positioning and modify your approach if the rank is low.

  1. Google Analytics

Your website availability and visibility are the main ground for top performance.  Google Analytics helps you attain this by optimizing your web resources.


These are just a few of the many valuable digital marketing tools available out there. We hope these tools will help you build and expand your business.