7 Essential Apps to Run Your Business More Easily

A recent article, 10 Must-Have Apps for Running a Business by Rose Leadem says that running a business is daunting, but fortunately, today’s technology makes it a  little bit easier.

Here are seven essential apps for running your business more easily.

  1. Appear

If you have employees working remotely from different locations and time zones, communication is one of the biggest challenges of a remote workforce. With Appear, teams of up to 12 people can communicate face-to-face worldwide and can collaborate through group video conferencing.  

  1. Wire

Today, hackers are rampant and securing your communications is very crucial.  Wire provides end to end encryption that protects you from making text, calls and sending videos, photos, music, sketches and more.

  1. FullContact

Managing your contacts can get muddled from customers to clients to colleagues.  FullContact can create complete profiles of these people and companies for you by just providing basic information such as person’s social handles, email, telephone number  or business web address.

  1. Pleo

Monitoring your expenses is tedious, but it is crucial to your business well being. Pleo is an app that helps you in expense reporting and provides solutions to simplify your company spending.

  1. Adobe Scan

Scanning documents like receipts, notes, photos, business cards, and others, and emailing them to yourself can be tedious and an outdated process. With Adobe Scan, you can simply take a picture of this stuff and upload it to the app for it to be converted into a PDF.

  1. Shift  

Switching between email accounts is tedious.  Shift allows people (Gmail users only) simply switch between email accounts without having to keep logging in and out. Available on Gmail, Outlook and Office 365, Shift not only allows you to switch between emails, but it also helps organize your desktop and sends you notification about what’s happening in your inboxes.

  1. KanbanFlow

Keeping track of your employees’ workload is made easier.  With KanbanFlow, you can assign tasks, schedule target date, upload documents, and generate a visual graphic of employees’ workflows.


These are only a few of the apps available today that you can use to outsource and simplify your diverse business processes.  There’s an app out there to enable you to cover practically every task and help you focus on the core of your business.