6 Tips to Turn Your Social Media Fans into Customers

A recent article, How to Convert Social Media Followers to Paying Customers says that social media can be a constant source of leads– considering that social sites are free to use and advertising is quite affordable, make the best out of them.

Here are some ways that you can use social media to turn your fans into customers.

1. Link your social media page to your website.

Direct your followers to your website–where the real products are.  The link should be one of the most visible items when a person lands on the page. It should also be included in most of your posts.

2. Create posts that will appeal to your fans. Ensure that your posts will attract and excite your followers.  If they keep commenting and sharing your posts, they will become viral and even the search engines will notice them. This will provide you a lot of traffic to improve your marketing campaigns.

3. Be consistent. Posting regularly is an essential element to maintain your social media followers and convert them into customers. By providing them new information regularly, you give them a reason to believe that your business is a solution to some of their problems.

4. Create call to action statements. At the end of your posts, you should create call to action statements that give instructions to your followers.  For instance, you can ask them to visit your site in order to discover more about your products or to purchase them at a discount.

5. Create polls and discussions relevant to your business. Polls are a great means to keep your followers on your page and make them share their opinions. What you need to do is to look for a current and trending topic to create a poll about. The effect of doing this is that your followers will find themselves in an exciting discussion and you can use this as an opportunity to point them towards the business.

6. Connect to other reputable pages. You can link your profile with other people who are doing well in your niche. If you are connected with some of the leading businesses, your fans will get a feeling that you’re respectable and reputable player in this industry.

Converting your social media followers into customers can be a simple job by following these tips.