4 Tips to Utilize Video Marketing Effectively

A recent article, How to Effectively Use Video Marketing by Kaitlyn Hammond says that today, modern, content-driven digital marketing are far more effective than traditional and one-type-fits-all marketing, such as billboards and advertising.

Video marketing has appeared as the clear winner for both (B2B) business-to-business and (B2C) business-to-consumer companies. It lets brands to attract their customers’ awareness by sharing their story, engaging and building a loyal following.

Here are four tips to utilize video marketing effectively.

1. Select the Video Type

  • How-tos
  • Testimonials
  • Product Demos
  • Explainers

You don’t have to confine your company to one type of video only, but you need to determine which ones would be most helpful to your customers. For instance, a makeup brand can benefit from how-to videos that show customers the best ways of using their products, whereas a medical company can share testimonials from existing clients that can attest to their services.

2. Select the Peak Time

If you plan to market the video on social marketing, post it at the peak time when users will be using the platform, or else it will get pushed to the bottom of their feed and will lessen the probability of them seeing it at all. Researching times based on your industry, time zone, and audience behavior is always beneficial when sharing your content.

3. Use Personalized Video Technology

Personalized videos can include your customer’s name, company and even examples of how your services or products can benefit them. This kind of digital marketing revolutionizes the entire game because when people watch videos personally aimed to them, it increases engagement and conversion to sales over traditional types of advertising.

4. Real Time Analytics

Instead of speculating what makes your customers happy, you can employ a data-driven approach to tweak your campaigns to their individual needs. Real time analytics allow you to keep track on how your videos are performing across various platforms, as well as on desktop and mobile.

Video marketing requires financial investments, but if done tactically, it can generate a considerable amount of ROI.