4 Cloud-based Solutions for Your Small Business

A recent article, How to Use Cloud Solutions for Business to Save Time and Money by  Mike Kappel says that cloud solutions can help a small business owner save money, time, effort. As long as you have an internet connection, you can do business from anywhere efficiently.

Here are four common cloud solutions that can help your small business.

1. Social media cloud solutions

Managing social media can consume a lot of your time, particularly if you have several accounts on various platforms. You can schedule your posts in advance using cloud-based social media software. You can plan several posts at one time and put them in the queue to publish instead of figuring out what to post every day. You can verify what posts perform the best using online social media tools. Analytics can notify you what kinds of posts your viewers like and the best times for you to publish them.

2. Online Banking

Perhaps you already do online banking for yourself, but you can do it for your business, too. Online banking can help you monitor your cash in your business bank account at any time. You can also transfer money around your accounts as needed. You can also pay some bills, make some purchases, and pay loans and other transactions seamlessly.  

3. Online Collaboration tools

You need cloud collaboration tools especially if you have remote employees. A business email that’s hosted in the cloud, chat services, video conferencing tools and other small business cloud services can keep your team connected and informed at any time and from anywhere.

4. Cloud Accounting

Cloud accounting software allows you to record transactions from anywhere and save your accounting data online. You can access the documents you need easily.  When you use accounting cloud solutions for small business, you can generate reports to monitor your business’s financial health (revenues and expenses are recorded neatly).


Using appropriate cloud-based solutions for your business will help you become more productive and agile.