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4 Basics to Increase the Conversion Rate of Your Landing Page

A recent article, 5 Tips to Improve the Conversion Rate of your Landing Page by Chris Warden says that landing pages are the engine of online advertising, but if your visitors are muddled by the design of your page you’ll have a hard time converting them into customers.

Here are four simple ways to increase your conversion rate of your landing page.

1. Optimize for mobile devices.

When designing your landing pages, ensure that they are optimized for mobile users because nowadays, people everywhere use mobile devices (more than 50% of all Internet traffic comes from mobile users).  Make sure that you are using testing software to check how your website looks when loaded on different mobile (OS) Operating Systems. A page that doesn’t load properly is almost always a lost conversion.

2. Limit the amount of information you ask.

One of the significant keys in converting a lead or completing a sale is the amount of information that you get from visitors. However, don’t ask for too much information.  Most visitors are willing to give/submit their name and email, but asking for address, phone number and other personal data can easily discourage visitors from joining your mailing list.

3. Reinforce your copy with images and videos.

Many people are able to retain more information when it is presented to them visually, rather than in text. So using relevant images and videos will help you deliver the most important aspects of your copy.  

4. Make your testimonials personal.

One of the most essential segments on your landing page is testimonials. Seeing trusted or prominent people endorsing your product or services can go a long way toward persuading someone to buy.  And if you really want to go the extra mile, a video testimonial is probably the most effective type of testimonial you can incorporate in your landing page.


There are many advanced techniques that you can use to optimize landing pages, but don’t forget to cover the basics. Basic things like ditching stock photos for visual marketing materials or going the extra mile with your testimonials can have a tremendous impact on conversion rates.