3 Ways to Know Your SEO is Doing the Right Thing

A recent article, How Do You Know Your SEO Is Delivering Results? by Stephanie Heitman says that Search Engine Optimization (SEO)  is essential  to direct people to your website organically from the Search Engine Results pages (SERPs). Nevertheless a good SEO strategy doesn’t have to mean first page rankings because that doesn’t take into account the numerous benefits SEO has for your website and for your business. Hence, how can you determine if your SEO is delivering results?

Here are three ways to know whether your SEO is doing the right thing.

1. Increase in website visits

One of the easiest and quickest ways to determine SEO success is to see that you’re getting more website visits. Evidently, more website visits mean more people are discovering your website, which means your SEO is delivering results.

2. Improvement in overall Web Presence

Good SEO is much more than about your rankings on Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs), but it’s about developing and improving your overall web presence and the structure of your website for both search engines and users. A mobile-friendly and user-friendly website, maintained  local listings, appropriate content throughout your website and site structure play into your SEO.

3. Measurable reporting

It can be difficult for you to understand reporting if you’re trying to run SEO on your own—you don’t have reliable reporting options to depend on. However, an SEO company that can present clear reporting and explains accurately what’s happening in your campaign is going to be more helpful for you eventually. A good SEO company employs reputable and effective tools to measure traffic, engagement, and visibility showing growth over time.


SEO is a continuing strategy, you have to commit to making the essential changes and tracking progress as it happens, to be really successful in SEO.