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The Business of Connecting Business

Digital business is an essential part of today’s business landscape, and it is only going to become more important in the future. From eCommerce to CRM; from Marketing Automation to Data Analytics; MEA uses best-in-class industry practices for Planning, Analysis, Development and Deployment to efficiently manage Software Development and Marketing Technology Stacks.

We leverage AI, integration tools, and custom programming to integrate systems, marketing technology, foreign language, ADA Accessibility and data sources. This allows companies to operate more efficiently and gain real-time insights into customer needs, trends, preferences, and quickly respond to customer demands and market changes.

Software Development and Technology Integration are only part of what we do. We also support and manage the solutions we build. Our AI driven support systems will help you engage prospects and support customers in multiple languages and with accessibility features for ADA Compliance. Our Multilingual, OmniChannel Infrastructure connects to Marketing Technology, Voice, Chat, Messaging, SMS and IVR to help you respond faster, increase engagement, improve the customer experience and save money.

Can A Successful Integration Help Your Bottomline?
With almost 80% of software deployments failing to provide any real business value, successful enterprise infrastructure, system and application integration has become a mission critical concern.
Our integration solutions are derived from years of cross-industry experience and technology expertise. We don’t reinvent the wheel. We leverage the most appropriate architectures for the project or task at hand. Already have a system in place? We’ll learn the system and bring a fresh set of eyes and insights to ensure you are maximizing your technology investment.
We take a total-solution approach in our work, leveraging our Managed BPO Team to improve operational efficiency, reduce costs, and eliminate the clients need for a dedicated in-house team. This provides businesses with access to specialized services, offering well rounded expertise and competency in all major programming languages, platforms and development methods. This can help businesses tap into new sources of innovation and stay ahead of the competition. Additionally, our Managed BPO Services can provide businesses with the ability to quickly scale up or down as needed.

We leave our Egos at the door. We’ll help with part of your project or go all in. For us, it is about serving well and delivering with excellence.

You Need To Know The Problem To Fix The Problem

Requirements Gathering

What is the REAL problem? What is the REAL solution? Requirements Gathering identifies your project's exact requirements from start to finish by understanding the needs of users, customers, and other stakeholders
Build It For The Customer

Solution Design

You can build it, but will they come? Solution Design ensures that users not only come, but get what THEY want... and make the choices that YOU want.
Create Outcomes Based Solutions

Full Stack Development

Some people just write code. We build software solutions that will be used every day to achieve desired outcomes. If you make life easier for your users... it will make more money for you.
Let's Make Sure It Works

Test, Test and Test Some More

If YOU don't find the bugs, we guarantee your customer will... and they won't be happy. Our Test-Driven Development (TDD) method catches many issues early to make your software better, and keep your users happy!
Time to put it out there


The heavy lifting is done, now we get to roll the software out. But not too fast. It's always good to Beta test and get customer feedback to ensure we have a hit.
Keep The Engine Running Smoothly

Maintenance & Support

All the boxes have been checked, and the software is ready to release into the market. Now comes the ongoing work of keeping the systems & software running efficiently to deliver the best user experience.
We Have A Secret.
It’s a combination of technical expertise, sensitivity to the culture of your organization, communication skills, and a commitment to solving your most critical problems.
We believe these attributes are the key to staying focused on the problem, delivering the intended outcomes — and demystifying IT planning and integration within your organization.
Values Matter...
It's Why Our Process Works

Four values drive us forward
and help us RISE as an organization:
Relationships, Integrity, Stewardship, and Excellence

Relationships with our clients fuel our innovative thinking, heighten productivity and spawn exhilarating products and services that help shape the future.

We measure the value of technology by its ability to improve the life of the user and society.

Superior leaders steward their resources and lead by example. This commitment ranges from our investment in developing counties through our offshore offices, to helping our clients better achieve their goals.

Excellence is an attitude that permeates our workplace. It’s a pledge to give the best, to reach beyond past achievements, to think beyond preconceptions to deliver beyond what is expected.
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